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Time for a new generation of leaders to step up!

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Time for a new generation of leaders to step up!

My Goals for Georgia


Price transparency represents the single largest potential to reduce the cost of healthcare in the United States and Georgia.

Unlike other industries, prices for healthcare vary depending on who’s paying and consumers are left in the dark. This country was built on the idea of free and open markets, it’s time we made sure everyone was playing by the same rules


We have anti-price gouging laws to protect consumers in Georgia, we need to expand these to include higher education.  Institutions who price gouge should not be eligible for Hope Scholarship dollars.

Over the past 20 years the average In-state tuition and fees at public National Universities grew a staggering 296 percent.  Frankly there is no excuse for this and Georgians should stand up against price gouging.

Small Business & Tort reform

Lawsuits cost Georgia business millions and malpractice insurance is one of the  the single highest costs to healthcare professionals.  It’s time for Reform

Georgia’s “Liability for Abusive Litigation” statute was a good start, but frivolous lawsuits are still too common.  The only winners in these cases are the attorneys, often looking for a big payday from a settlement.  We need to end these predatory practices in Georgia, attorneys should not work on commission.

You Deserve Better


Expanding Medicare, Improving PeachCare, Price Transparency, Increased Minimum Wage, Protecting the Environment, and growing Small Businesses will make living in Georgia even better and we all deserve better


Georgia has the 3rd highest uninsured rate in the nation and yet our current lawmakers have refused to expand Medicaid and in the process left millions of federal assistance dollars on the table.  It’s time to take care of Georgians and ensure the health and well being of everyone.


We need to expand the  Strategic Industries Workforce Development Grant, Improve awareness in High Schools of the available opportunities, and ensure everybody regardless of race, religion, and income has the same opportunities to higher education.

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