The importance of Privacy

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If you have not read it already, lawmakers in D.C. voted to allow service providers to sell your personal data; without your consent or approval.  Here is an excerpt from DailyKOS below:


“Since every Senate Republican and all but 15 House Republicans voted to dismantle your online privacy this week, what can you do to fight back? You can start by tweeting at popular vote loser Donald Trump and telling him to veto the bill, since we know he’s on Twitter—a lot. But that’s probably not going to work because, face it, it’s Trump.

In just a matter of 36 hours, there were 20,000 calls made to the House on this, a bill that they jammed through in the aftermath of Trumpcare, rushing it through before serious opposition could be raised. So this will be a political fight, and it will be one we take to Republicans in 2018, particularly Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake, who is up for re-election—and just happens to be the guy who introduced this terrible bill in the Senate.

In the meantime, though, we all need to figure out what actions we can take to protect our data—including our Social Security numbers, our financial records, and our web browsing histories.”


I couldn’t agree more and we should all do what we can online to protect our privacy.  For now I do have a few tips from my time in the cyber-security field:


  • Use sites that support HTTPS whenever possible
  • Consider a VPN or Proxy, there are many available for minimal amount of money
  • Vote for candidates that will protect your rights

I myself would support any new proposed legislation protecting the privacy of Georgia citizens regardless of what side of the isle it comes from.  It is disappointing to see partisanship continuing to grow at the expense of the people of this country.

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